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Complement Activity (CH50)

Autokit CH50

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

Intended Use

The Wako Autokit CH50 is an in vitro liposome immunoassay (LIA) for the quantitative determination of total complement activity (CH50) in human serum using an automated procedure.


Liposome immunoassay

Special Features

  • Fully automated assay
  • Homogeneous reagent free from precipitation
  • Stable reagent
  • Good correlation with gold standard, Mayer's method

One of the most widely used assays for total complement activity is based on complement-mediated hemolysis of antibody-sensitized erythrocytes (Mayer's method). This method requires serum dilutions to achieve 50% lysis of the indicator cells, making this method complicated and time consuming. In addition, due to the use of erythrocytes, the reagents are not stable and the assay is difficult to automate.

Wako has developed an automated homogeneous liposome-based assay for total complement activity in human serum. The assay uses a homogeneous population of small-size liposomes (200nm), which gives stable dispersion. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) is used as the entrapped enzyme which has optimal activity at a neutral pH. Using this liposomal technology, Wako developed a fully automated assay system for total complement activity. The speed and ease of this assay makes it the best choice for your lab.


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Ordering Information

Catalog No. Product Name Pkg Size Storage Condition
995-40801 Autokit CH50 Liposome: 2 x 20 mL
Substrate: 1 x for 20 mL
Diluent: 1 x 20 mL
997-43801 CH50 Calibrator    
991-43701 Complement Control    


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